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Starting the Season of Gratitude!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

September, the 9th month (triple 3), song by “Earth, Wind and Fire” (3 elements AND a kick butt song!) It is also the anniversary month when “Triplicity” was born (my business baby!)

Now, as the end of this month is approaching, along with the season of gratitude, I reflect on my growth... in myself and in my business as well as practicing my own gratitude. (A bit more in these trying times).

I acknowledge all the, wonderful people I have crossed paths with as my business continues to grow. Not only clients, but birth professionals, wellness practitioners and many care providers with the same goals and intentions as myself…to support, nurture and offer overall wellbeing to others.

It is beyond amazing all the people that I have met throughout the years. I have had the privilege to work alongside so many awesome healers. They hold the same compassion in their hearts, which is to serve others. I continue to witness the positive ripple effect occurring when an individual receives the support and guidance in their own experience, then feel the calling to pass on that same care to others. Those who feel cared for and loved, will then carry on that love and support.

I see the “pay it forward” movement occurring naturally and it is an honor to be a link in this chain reaction. Something so positive and beautiful I’d rather focus on instead of the tension and negativity which can easily overpower our minds and bodies. So…what is all this babble about?…I want to “Pay It Forward” even more.

I decided to TRY my best to keep up with a blog (I am not big on blogging…don’t even know if it’s a thing any more) but I would love to honor a business/service/care provider monthly. I have MANY contacts I would like to feature so please be patient. Please do not feel offended if I do not get to you or a certain person as quickly as I would like. There will be a random order of appearance.

If you would like to assist me, feel free to email a picture, bio, or anything you would like to add, so I may honor you, your business, or anyone you would like to see featured. I will happily keep notes and add it to my blog/website. Thank you for your time and for reading my first article! Stay tuned for a featured person and/or business next few weeks! My hope is to share the love and support towards one another and keep some positive vibes in our lives! Peace, love, shenanigans!



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