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  • How to prepare the mind and body

  • How the uterus functions during labor

  • Special breathing and visualization techniques with guided relaxations

  • Understanding how self-relaxation works for your unique personality

  • The benefits of perinatal bonding

  • Connecting with the birthing body during the phases of labor

  • Release limiting thoughts that can cause fear and tension

  • Comfort measures and the important role of the birth companion

  • Helpful positions for labor and birth

  • The traits and habits of newborns

  • Breastfeeding and lactation education

  • Adjusting to the "Fourth Trimester" 

  • Importantly...HOW TO RELAX!!!




*Group, private and virtual sessions available


*Prices vary due to personal need,

individual attention and modified sessions. 

*Plans and packages also available

Call for your custom package plan!

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