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Listed pricing are discounted package plans. For individual and/or customized sessions, please contact for pricing and detailed information.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Complete Doula Care

    Private HypnoBirthing Course, Birth and Postpartum Care
    • Private HypnoBirthing or 2 Yoga Sessions
    • One, home Prenatal visit
    • Birth Doula Service
    • One, 10 hour Postpartum Doula Service
  • Birth Doula Package

    Birth Doula care including HypnoBirthing Course
    • Private HypnoBirthing Course
    • One Prenatal home visit
    • Birth Doula Service
    • One Postpartum visit
  • Hypnotherapy plan

    4 Hypnotherapy sessions
    Valid for 2 months
    • Personalized sessions for your wellbeing.
  • 4 Session Yoga Plan

    4 personalized yoga sessions
    Valid for 2 months
    • Therapeutic yoga session package customized just for you.
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